Systems Administrator

February 19, 2020

The CCMS Systems Administrator is responsible for Enterprise wide authentication and Server administration. This position is critical for maintaining service levels and security of the CCMS offering. The Systems Administrator’s skill should include both physical and virtual environments, including cloud computing.Experience with Single Sign On/ Two Factor Authentication technology such as Okta and/or RSA is required.

The Systems Administrator must display a variety of skills in order to be successful. One of the most important skills is the ability to communicate effectively on a variety of levels. They must understand technical terminology and be able to translate these terms into a form understandable by end users. The Systems Administrator must be able to diagnose problems and perform research to answer questions. Problems will often arise which the Systems Administrator has not experienced. The ability to research and implement solutions is required. The Systems Administrator must be self-supervised and motivated. The ability to prioritize jobs and schedule when to do them and how to do them without assistance from supervisory staff is critical.


  • Install, deploy, maintain, update, troubleshoot and backup Windows-based and Linux-based servers and workstations.
  • Configure and oversee backups of data on servers for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Evaluate and modify disaster recovery procedures as necessary regarding systems and authentications.
  • Determine requirements for new servers based on project requirements.
  • Manage user account provisioning by assisting in automations scripting.
  • Provide subject matter expertise for new project deployments.
  • Oversee team that manages all workstations and server images and provide ongoing support for software update services.
  • Assist in monitoring all CCMS servers/cloud environment.
  • Execute assigned projects.
  • Maintain and provide ongoing support for Active Directory servers and all Single Sign On systems.
  • Deploy new features and new technology around Virtualization, Systems, and Single Sign on Technology
  • Manage Systems Administrator’s ticketing queue.
  • Maintain a Patch Management program that maintains all systems inside of Company Compliance

Qualifying Experience and Attributes

  • Microsoft and/or Linux certifications preferred.
  • Experience in standing up and maintaining servers in a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, IBM Softlayer)
  • Strong background in Active Directory design and support skills.
  • Strong background in designing, maintaining, and managing VMWare virtual server environments,
  • Strong background in Office 365 implementation and support skills.
  • Strong working knowledge of networking technologies.
  • Strong background in Linux system implementation and administration skills.
  • Background in Single Sign On and Two Factor Authentication technology.Either Okta, RSA, or Ping
  • Experience in the design and implementation of Identification and Authentication Management solutions such as SailPoint and Okta required
  • US Citizen and must be able to pass background check(s)
  • Certifications in cloud technologies and VMWare desirable.

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